xxx Crisis leadership #4

ADAPTING TO POST-COVID WORLD – how can executives prepare a re-entry strategy in a context when so much has changed externally yet so much is still the same inside in the company?  (link to article).

xxx Crisis leadership #3

ONE TEAM IN ADVERSITY? – Over the last weeks I had conversations with a few clients about how these “out of the ordinary” times generate extra-ordinary team solidarity. What is behind that solidarity, how to maintain it once the imperative of acting as “one team” may be fading? (link to article).

xxx Crisis Leadership #2

SURVIVAL & RESILIENCE – how our minds plays tricks on us and influence our behaviours as much as the external environment. More from survival experts in this second brief series (link to article).

xxx Crisis leadership #1

ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP – A crisis like the Coronavirus puts leadership under the spotlight – it evolves faster than we can adapt, putting a lot of pressure on leaders. This short brief, the first in a series, explores implications (link to article).

xxx Lost your mojo?

In my latest blog I discuss the challenges and value of life cycles including mid-life and other mini-existential crises that we go through (link).

xxx Know thyself and grow your career

Article on the various career cycle a lawyer will go through, and how each cycle is an opportunity for growth. In Journal of Modern Legal Practice, for an overview of the Journal (link), for the article (link)

xxx Lost in words?

What happens when words in a dialogue are insufficient to really understand what is said? What can be done about it? Find out more with my latest blog (link).

xxx benchmark on careers

Bi-annual Europe-wide study on partners » careers
A bi-annual study and benchmark on career trends applied to professional service firms.

Executive summary of the study (download pdf).

xxx career twilight?

“Career twilight? an emerging trend in career planning for senior partners and executives” – Managing Partner Forum conference.

xxx coaching needs of lawyers

Chapter on “Coaching needs of lawyers » in newly published book on Mentoring and Coaching on behalf of International Bar Association (details).

xxx citizen lawyers

“Citizen lawyers Forum: Social responsibilities of lawyers” – Aspen Institute conference, June 2013 & 2014, Madrid.

xxx in the press

Article in French business magazine l’AGEFI on experienced-based learning for leadership development programmes